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Responsibility. Concern for others. Integrity. Initiative.

​At Assumption we have a variety of extracurricular activities that students are  encouraged to participate in, including: Debate Club, Basketball, Art Club, school picnics, and fundraisers like International Night and Pacific Night. 

Student Activities


School assembly takes place for 15 minutes on Monday before classes commence. Each day, a class or grade level is assigned to prepare a short morning
devotion. The administration and/or members of the faculty or SBG members may
address the student body. Important announcements are made at this time.


The school Mass takes place on the first Friday of each month. All students and faculty are required to attend Mass as an act of community worship. Each class takes about a week in preparing the liturgy with readers, songs and prayers of the faithful. If the priest is not available, a liturgical celebration will still take place.

If there is a special mass for a family member of a student or member of staff, the class or the whole school may attend.

Field Trips

Educational field trips are considered school days, and therefore students are expected to attend. Appropriate behavior is expected of all, and students may leave the area of the trip only with the expressed permission of the teacher on duty. Depending on the location and nature of the trip, students are expected to be in full uniform unless otherwise specified. Parents shall receive a written notice from the office concerning the trip. The notice must be signed and returned to the office for verification of the parent’s permission before the student is allowed to attend the trip.

Parties and Celebrations

Class parties are held after school hours and must be approved by the administration. All other on-campus parties, in the name of the school, are generally limited to special occasions as decided by the Student Body Government and approved by the administration. Students are expected to maintain decorum during these events. Two or more teachers will chaperone. Drunkenness, drug use, betel-nut and generally unruly behavior will not be tolerated.


All students at Assumption School are students first and athletes second. Students must maintain a grade average of 70% and not be failing in any subject to be eligible to play with the teams representing the schools in all kinds of sport activities.

All students are expected to participate in sporting activities organized by the school. School teams compete against each other and, once a year, Assumption School holds intramural competitions for elementary and high school.

Other Activities

All other activities performed or held under the name of Assumption School shall be conducted with propriety and order. Picnics and parties must be granted approval from the administration office prior to the event. A written notice must also be sent to the parents/guardians of each student for final approval. It is also required for a teacher to be present unless parents are involved.