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The Logo

Assumption School Logo expresses our principles, our hopes and dreams and the vision of the school for our students. It expresses the Motto of the school in graphic design and distinguishes Assumption School students from any other school students.

The Logo has seven components:

  1. The Oval Shield stands for faith, belief and trust in the power of God. It stands for strength and courage to move onwards and upwards towards our goals and destiny knowing that our God is our shield against odds, and our bastion of hope against all obstacles that hinder us from achieving our goals.
  2. The Motto is the succinct expression of our principles, hopes and dreams. It is written in both Marshallese and English.
  3. The Fourteen Stars represents the Pre-K-12 grade levels that we offer at Assumption School.
  4. The Mattang (Marshallese Stick Chart “Wapepe”) and The Star of the RMI Flag is the representation of culture being part of our basic foundation of education. Marshallese sailors use the stick chart to navigate from island to island. The big star represents Christianity, with each of the 24 points signifying a municipal district. With the education they get from Assumption, they have with them the basic tools to navigate any circumstances in life.
  5. Mother Mary our patron, guide and model for our love of God and neighbor.
  6. The Island and the Coconut Trees represents the island where we are rooted as one school and the coconut trees (the tree of life, strong and resilient, can stand the test of time) that represent Assumption Elementary School (established in 1953) and Assumption High School (established in 1972).
  7. Assumption School is the name we bear. It distinguishes us from any other schools in the RMI, guided and strengthened by our faith in God, inspired by the Holy Spirit for love of God and service of neighbor, and protected by Mary, Mother and Patron of Assumption School.

Let all who wear this Badge of Honor-

Wear it with Pride,

Wear it with Respect,

Wear it with Dignity,

Wear it with Humility,

Let all who wear this Pledge of Loyalty-

Wear it Always,

Wear it Everywhere,

Wear it with Courage.